NAS Component Maintenance, Inc. Airframe Shop specializes in the repair and overhaul of all structural and composite items. The airframe shop supports the repair of articles that include:


   • Flaps

   • Spoilers

   • Slats

   • Ailerons

   • Elevators

   • Wing Tips

   • Rudders

   • Radomes

   • Nose and Main Landing Gear Doors


NAS Component Maintenance, Inc. Powerplant Shop specializes in the maintenance of Nacelle articles such as:


   • Thrust Reversers

   • Thrust Reverser Translating Sleeves

   • Thrust Reverser Blocker Doors & Cascades

   • Engine Inlet Cowls

   • Fan & Core Cowls

   • Thrust Reverser Actuation

   • Exhaust Nozzles


NAS Component Maintenance, Inc. Accessories Shop includes the capability to service Hydraulic and Pneumatic components. The addition of a state of the art Data Acquisition Test Stand has enabled our repair station to increase the efficiency of service and turnaround time when servicing these components. The repair of accessories includes the following articles:



   • Pumps

   • Actuators

   • Jackscrews

   • Transmissions

   • Valves



   • Valves

   • TR Actuators

   • Outflow Valves

Our extensive capabilities include the following items:


   • Wiring Harnesses Repairs (Airframe, APU, Landing Gear, and Engine)

   • Ignition Leads/Ignition Exciters

   • Fire Detectors

   • Cabin Pressure Controllers

   • Window Heaters

   • LCD Monitors

   • Cabin and Engine Temperature Probes

   • Standby Altimeters

   • Water Heaters

   • Air Speed Indicators

   • Coffee Makers

   • Toilet Assembly

   • Ovens

   • Batteries

   • Emergency Equipment


Please contact us for more information and full capability list.


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NAS Component Maintenance, Inc. excels in the repair and overhaul of accessories, instruments, radio, emergency equipment, airframe, and powerplant.