Radome Test Facility

In the aviation world, time is of the essence. At NAS Component Maintenance we acknowledge this fact and invest countless resources to accommodate the needs of our customer base. Today’s commercial and non-commercial aircraft carry a vast array of antennas for specialized and vital functions. Several functions of the aircraft that include navigation, communication, fire control, and weather must be performed as specified by the OEM in order to satisfy the safety and mission requirements. Radomes must conceal and protect antennas without interfering with or degrading transmit/receive capabilities. The need to perform a quality and efficient repair without an extended turnaround time is vital in today’s aviation world. Thus, in order to satisfy this need, NAS Component is proud to announce the capability to perform transmissivity tests in house.




What are the benefits of being able to provide this function in house?

         Perform testing before and throughout repair process in order to guarantee efficiency of repair performed.

         Complete assurance that the repair performed satisfy all requirements.

         No outsourcing to third party test facilities – reduced turnaround time, repair pricing, and shipping costs.

         The guarantee that your radome will not leave NAS Component Maintenance Facility for third party service

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